What kind of an online shopper are you?

1.Instant checkout or checkout & contemplate?



We often come across people who love shopping online but only a few are confident and the rest are just confused. If you’re from one of those people who instantly decide on a product and pay online right away, then congratulations on being super confident! However, if you are from the majority being the COD regulars, you know you’re just being safe and giving it second thoughts about  the product you’ve selected , you hate bidding goodbye to the cash in your account or you’re currently running on low credit on your card but you have some bucks to pay off when the delivery boy knocks. Either way, you’re rocking it with online shopping experience! 😉

2. Are you an add to cart or wishlist person?



Obviously, we do find window shoppers online as well and you just maybe one of them if you generally keep overloading your wishlist. But at the same time if you are an avid shopper all you keep doing is adding to cart then we, my friend would like to confess to you about the crazy shopaholic that you are! Either way keep wishing and keep shopping! 😀

3. Love EMI’S or Hate it?


Are you one of those people who loves buying stuff on an EMI or the idea of such an option makes you happy and feel like you can afford it? We’re sure it makes you super ecstatic initially but at the same time you must welcome yourself to reality and be prepared more than being upset to arrive yourself at paying those insane credit card bills! Either way, you’ll always have our support for being awesome and managing to shop and organise your credits.

4. Enthusiastic shopper or disappointed customer?


Are you one of those people who is always excited to shop and await your beloved product to reach you ASAP so you constantly keep on tracking the order or are you always a victim of experiencing a ‘no show’ on tracking because the product you have chosen is arriving from venus and doesn’t support tracking? Either way, it’s MYSTERIOUS and we hope you stay thrilled forever! 😀

5. Are you a writer or a talker?5

Do you convey yourself better through an e-mail or via a phone call? If you’re one of those people who often has to acknowledge your order issues to the customer care, we’re sure you have your level of convenience sorted in your head of either an email can resolve your issue better or a phone call would make it fine. Either way, you are doing a good job at conveying your problem and making your shopping experience much better for the next time ! 😀